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Sony RX100 Mark IV

The Sony RX100 Mark IV is a compact camera, with a large sensor that has several valuable developments from its previous version, Mark III. The body of Mark IV remains the same as the other devices in the RX100 series and is packed in with features despite its pocket friendly size. Not only is its viewfinder exceptionally clear said camera also exceeds its predecessors in performance.

Most of the features exhibited by the Sony RX100 IV have been incorporated only due to the presence of the latest Sony Exmor RS image sensor. As its predecessor the RX100 III was built using the Exmor R chip, both models differ considerably in features. The stacked CMOS censor design is the first in its league in this industry that contains an embedded DRAM. The burst capture rate can reach up to 16 frames per second when the device is at its highest resolution, which is only a significant improvement over its older versions. The capability of its electronic shutter is very fast and its manufacturer claims minimal rolling of the shutter is due to the high speed readout.

The above-mentioned changes are not the only changes specified, as due to its new sensor the Sony RX100 Mark IV provides the ability to capture 4K video. Several other areas have also received upgrades like the Organic LED display that is part of the electronic viewfinder, which enables its sparkling clear appearance and has double the dot count of RX100 III viewfinder.

The firmware of the RX100 IV has also undergone several changes. Additional self-timer option has five seconds duration and the autofocus function has a special flexible spot that has been expanded. The previous version where 30 seconds long, the longest shutter speed was restricted to either manual shooting or shutter-priority is now accessible even in Aperture-priority or program modes.

One will also enjoy the seven new additional options for picture profile, through which finer aspects of the image can be considered. Some of the factors controlled are the black level, knee, black gamma and gamma.

Alongside these new features those retained from older models include the f/1.8-2.8 optical zoom lens which boasts SteadyShot image stabilization and is 24-70mm equivalent. The inbuilt pop-up flash, a 3-inch LCD display that boasts tilt articulation, wide ranging ISO sensitivity ranging from 125 to 12800, are some other features. Additionally, a Bionz-x branded processor for images has also been retained.

One of the most important features which make this camera one among the best of this decade is its ability to record in slow motion. The speeds for this vary, however setting up this camera is a lengthy process and requires more time than to just focus and click.

Sony RX100 Mark IV
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